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DeveloperMonkey is working hard to bring a new way of delivering knowledge to people wanting to learn development techniques. Ranging from the basics to advanced level applications and ideas, and in various areas such as Web development i.e PHP, HTML and JavaScript to desktop programming such as Java and C++.

We are focusing on sharing information and how they relate. Using our Javascript Windowing Engine, DeveloperMonkey is not a tutorial website, it's a knowledge APPLICATION. Offering a variety of ways to get the knowledge you desire and give back to others.

Sharing of information and linking it together is call possible by our Developer Node Network (DNN) system, allowing you to navigate and explore a wide variety of knowledge and find what YOU want without ever having to worry about what you need to know beforehand.

DeveloperMonkey will tailor it's experience based on your needs, only showing you content that you want, allowing you to customize your session and the look and feel. Using the JavaScript Windowing Engine everything you leave will be brought right back into place and all articles loaded where you left them when you come back.

Everything DeveloperMonkey provides will be absolutely Free!. No advertisements, no subscription services, no premium features. Everything you see is what you get by simply visiting in your browser. However you will need to create a free account to submit and rate!

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